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About GFC

About Global Football Consulting

GFC offers professional competence enabling their clients to reach their full potential. The company has a strong team with a combined experience of international football and academic knowledge. With our global football network as a basis, we work to create the best possible solutions for players, coaches and clubs. GFC connects clients with global opportunities within the football realm.


GFC believes that a strong relationship with the client is the key to successful cooperation. We believe in the uniqueness of every client, and therefore aspire to fulfill the needs of every individual. This is the reason for GFC’s holistic concept, in which each client has access to everything from carrier guidance to the planning of a forthcoming career outside professional football.


Services – Players Services – Clubs
  • Representation

  • Contract negotiation

  • Commercial agreement

  • Branding

  • Carrier planning

  • Financial guidance

  • Legal consultance

  • Scouting

  • Consulting

  • Networking

  • Player sales

  • Employee recruitment